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Welcome to the collection of sty+ct+ap documentation! sty+ct+ap is a branch of Armagetron Advanced made by the Alpha Project to expand on the already excellent sty+ct branch. Currently, the primary developers of the sty+ct+ap branch include LOVER$BOY (aka Vertrex), fman23, and Nelg.

Unfortunately, much of this documentation is incomplete and usually lags quite a bit behind the current state of things. It still contains useful information though.

Breaking Changes from sty+ct

Migrating from sty+ct to sty+ct+ap? Here are some changes and some workarounds that you may want to know of first.


What's new in +ap?

Ladderlog Events (for scripting)

Events or commands that are issued to the ./var/ladderlog.txt
Scripts typically use and parse these events to figure out what to do.

Console Commands

These are the console commands added into +ap.

Chat Commands

Chat commands added to +ap servers.

Map-0.2.9 styctap x.dtd (for map makers)

Contains the explanation on the Alpha Project's DTD which is in the 0.2.9 experimental. It can be used for any other server but some of the features will be unavailable due to incompatibility.

x marks the version which will vary since there would be many.

PHP Framework

The documentation of the PHP Server Framework. (???)


These are for installing the +ap builds for multiple server use on Debian-based systems.

0.2.9 - Running Multiple Servers on Ubuntu* Computer
0.4 - Running Multiple Servers on Ubuntu* Computer (not up to date; 0.4+ap is not publicly available)

If you prefer, automatic scripts to set all this up for you are available at Setting Up Multiple Armagetron Servers the Easy Way


All scripts that have been custom made can be found here. Might /not be useful, decision on using them is up to you.

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