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Chat Commands
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These are the list of custom added chat commands for the game.


This is a access level based chat system which can only be viewed by players with access_level equal to or below ACCESS_LEVEL_VIEW_CHATS. By default only moderators (2) are allowed to view this special chat messages.

/chat msg... Output
[Access_level Name] {Player Name}: msg...

/enemy or /enemies

/enemy msg... Output
{Player Name} -> Enemies: msg...


There are two ways of using it. The two ways are managed by the switch command HELP_MESSAGE_TYPE. By default it is set to 0 and allows you to use the the default /help commands. However, if it is set to 1 you can only use the help message printed in the command HELP_MESSAGE.

By default in the sty+ct version HELP_MESSAGE is the only /help that can be used.



/report msg...

Using this chat command, you let the game store messages you want server owners to have a read about. Good way to pass on messages directly to them. These messages are stored in /var/reports.txt


This is a owner/hoster usable command who can use it to list number of reports stored, read them from line number and clear all stored reports. Lets look at the available commands and their options.

/reports list

The execution of this will list the number of reports currently stored in the /var/reports.txt

/reports read

Allows the user to read the report stored in the <line number="">. The only users allowed to read these messages are equal to below the required ACCESS_LEVEL_REPORTS_READ.

/reports clear

Clears away all reports stored in the file /var/report.txt and can only be done by the people below or equal to ACCESS_LEVEL_REPORTS_CLEAR.


You must have ROTATION_TYPE set greater than 0 for this to work.

/rotation map|config <name/file>

The use of this command is simply to draw the list of similar maps/configs with that name or file.


You must have ROTATION_TYPE set greater than 0 for this to work.


The use of this command is to show the player the amount of queues they have remaining or how long it is before their queues will refill.


0xffff7f( 0x55ffffPlayer Name 0xffff7f| 0xff55ffQueues 0xffff7f| 0x88ff22Queue Time 0xffff7f| 0x88ff22Refill Time 0xffff7f)

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