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Vertrex Website

This is the code programmed by LOVER$BOY who was owner of the website and the domain,
Amazing scripts bundled with map preview and login maker which also includes the armagetron website login files.
He was also kind enough to add the scripting files for people to upload their own maps and use them in their own servers.

Map Preview

Simply awesome!

This is an amazing script programmed by LOVER$BOY to display .aamap.xml using SVG framework.

An original script LOVER$BOY made after parsing through the javascript of this version.

PHP Server Framework

This originally was based on the simple formatting of the game code of Armagetron Advanced. Then the creator, LOVER$BOY, decided to up the level of coding and did more updating.

Now it's at version 2.0!

It is free to use and anyone can use it freely. The only request is for users to NOT REMOVE the tags placed at the very top of every script. That is the license as proof of free usage.

Random Team Colors

A generator for getting random team color names for the following commands:


%n is the number of that team.

Comment Maker

Very advanced which uses HTML, PHP and MYSQL to make this work. High classed and advanced, one of LOVER$BOY's best scripts to be created.

Random Arma Colors

Useful little script to generate random armagetron colors (general hex color codes) which also displays them on the output screen.
Once you generate the random colors, the code for the randomly selected colors will appear in the Output Box.

Map Preview

Yet another map preview script, it should be called Version 2.0!
Reason for it is simply because this script, unlike Version 1.0, actually converts the loaded map into an image and outputs it into image.png.

Web Interface

This is an advanced coding project which LOVER$BOY started. The main aim for this is to use this as a website for users to login and manage their servers. Supports multiple servers for single user an many features which can be located here:

Currently the project has been dropped due to LOVER$BOY's initial goal of "starting something off...". With that and most of the features in "To-Do" list.

Battle Mania

This is an MMO-RPG type script based around the theme "Science Fiction". Here players will have super natural like powers which you use in the form of attacks.

The project has been dropped since the main goal of making something unbelievable has been achieved according to the standards of LOVER$BOY.


For more scripts from LOVER$BOY (Vertrexia is his username for Github), you can locate his scripts in the following links:

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