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Breaking Changes from sty+ct
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Here is an incomplete list of changes that may break some scripts and configurations when coming from sty+ct...

  • PLAYER_GRIDPOS adds additional (rubber and speed) argument(s) before team.

Use STYCT_COMPATIBILITY_LADDERLOG_PLAYER_GRIDPOS 1 to put those arguments after team.

  • Instead of GRIDPOS_INTERVAL(?) it's PLAYER_GRIDPOS_INTERVAL. (sidenote: there's also now a PLAYER_GRIDPOS_ON_TURN if you'd like, though the implementation of it will be improved in the future)
  • Depending on how you match events, ONLINE_PLAYER may also match ONLINE_PLAYERS_ALIVE, ONLINE_PLAYERS_COUNT, and ONLINE_PLAYERS_DEAD



  • Blast zones are now essentially deathzones with a new name. I've been meaning to have a look at what it was supposed to do in sty+ct for a few years but keep forgetting about it.
  • SPAWN_ZONE uses color arguments out of 15. Strangely, SET_ZONE_COLOR did not get the same treatment.

Use STYCT_COMPATIBILITY_SPAWN_ZONE 1 to make colors be out of 1 instead of 15.

  • zombies don't seem to kill players. zombieOwners still behave normally, however. This is probably a bug.
  • ONLINE_PLAYER adds access level and logged in flags before ping, though I don't think many scripts actually depend on this so it may be moved around in the future...

Also probably worth mentioning, but not necessarily breaking:

  • the rate of rubberzones are no longer tied to the current FPS. They're instead tied to RUBBERZONE_RATE. Something to keep in mind if you changed your DEDICATED_FPS and depend on that for rubber zones, you'll need to tweak the rate of the rubberzones.
  • RESPAWN_PLAYER no longer requires the message flag argument. As of r1134/z2698 It will attempt to auto detect if it is in use, however.
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