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The list of features and any other that make sty+ct+ap special. (alt title: why you should choose sty+ct+ap over sty+ct [or other versions])

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Client Side

  • Tab Completion of names or commands in chat. Similar to 0.4
    • Added to "Special Menu" of sty+ct+ap client build.
    • Can tab complete in color or standard.
    • Using /admin will result in commands filing up
    • Using /team /msg /shout will result in filling executed text with a person's name closely matching it.`
    • Also works for local commands for "Con: ".
  • Highlight Own Name in string when your name appears in chat string sent by somebody else.
    • Taken directly from 0.4 Trunk Version.
    • Added to "Special Menu" of sty+ct+ap client build.
  • * is added to the front of player name when viewing scoreboard. This indicates that player is either chatting or idle.
  • Chat message indications:
    • *DEAD* is added to the front of chat string of players that are dead (including yourself). Doesn't apply to spectators though.
    • *SPEC* is added in front of players in spectator mode.
  • Custom Team names was taken from 0.4 Trunk Version.
    • I fixed an error that occurs after a player logged into their authority account.
  • Hide Cycles/Walls was a new implementation to the game.
    • Users can activate/deactivate them through the "Special Setup" menu option or through the use of the console commands
    • This feature is basically to hide the cycles/tails of players on the grid while the use is also alive.

Server Side

  • Storage of maps and config files for non-rotation purposes. Can only be called upon by queueing.
  • Queueing of maps and config files. Chat commands as well (/mq for queueing maps and /cq for queueing config files).
    • When the queue is full, normal rotation will halt and will continue as soon as the queue is empty.
    • View the list of chat commands here.
  • Full racing with times and a timer is supported when turning on RACE_TIMER_ENABLED to 1.
  • Soccer Style which is quite similar to the real life soccer games.
    • Map is located in the resource: Lover-Boy/soccer-1.0.0.aamap.xml
    • This feature could still be buggy since it was not fully tested
  • Deadly Explosions which was taken from dlh's branch in launchpad for 0.4 Trunk Version.
  • Rubber Deplete Commands. Depending on the commands that are enabled, a player's rubber will deplete.
    • If all commands are disabled (set to 0) then you could achieve immortal rubber and therefore never be core dumped :)

See also: Chat Commands for more


  • Alpha Project (sty+ct+ap) has it's own map DTD with [map-0.2.9_styctap_vX.dtd](./styctap_dtd.html) located in Lover-Boy resource folder.
    • The dtd contains a lot of very interesting and fascinating features.
    • Check out Lover-Boy/example-1.0.0.aamap.xml on how it works.
  • Error logging.
    • Any errors detected in Login will be stored in "./var/errors/login_errors.txt".
  • Multiple Colors in screen name of players is now allowed.
    • This is supported in both +ap clients and servers, however the server must support it.
    • sty+ct+ap the client will also allow entry of infinite color codes into the name within the menu. (Other clients will still accept additional color codes under PLAYER_1 and similar entries, but not in the menu.)
      • This means your name may be truncated if you enter a server which doesn't support the filter. I may think of a workaround in the future. (probably by looking at the server version, which wouldn't be perfect either)
  • Updated SPAWN_ZONE options.
    • New Zone types:
      • acceleration - When a player enter into this zone, it automatically accelerates their speed.
      • speed - When a player enter into this zone, it makes the player travel at specified/constant speed before returning to normal speeds.
      • rubberAdjust - Set the player's rubber at constant as long as they remain inside the zone.
      • object - Simply put, a zone without purpose but can do things which the target zone cannot do. For instance, follow a player like zombieOwner. Typically used in scripts.
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